• Rainbow Crystal was born in 2020 to serve an Online Community of business professionals.

  • Creator: Richie has been involved in personal & professional training when the evolution of his own practice lead to being trained in Vinyasa (Power) Yoga Instruction.

  • Our Mission for Rainbow Crystal is

"Physical Practice,
Simple Language"


Based on the modern understanding of Hatha Yoga, the sessions provided are modified to use simple English and make measurable progress in personal calm.Our focus at Rainbow Crystal is to unveil and build a relationship with the fundamentals of a discipline known for improving the individual's health.All sessions are focused on utilizing the breath and attention as though they are tools of the mind to help in living a balanced life.

We have an inclusive open arms policy and welcome people of all ages, abilities, & backgrounds to the practice.

We aim to help all of our students flourish at every level, & are most impressed with a skillful practice that supports vitality on all levels: physical, emotional, mental & social.

Mission Statement

"Physical Practice, Simple Language”

Rainbow Crystal shares a synthesis of
Hatha Yoga1 & Qi-Gong2

Let's Get Started!

Intro Session

A half-hour Intro session to see if our practice is something that will work for you.
Intro sessions are hosted online, and occur weekly.
Please stay healthy, & talk soon.

  1. Meet & Greet / Discuss the Practice

  2. Customized Langauge to Simplify Learning

  3. Simple Orientation Practice


Each session begins with an orientation, verification of proper state, & outline for the following practice.


Every practice session has a different 'Peak Pose' which is the apex for activity, "the hardest part".


After crossing over the 'Peak Pose' the practice focuss on decompression & integration.

Intro Session

$20 | 30 Mins

Online Training Session

$50 | 60 Mins

In-Person Training Session

$50 | 60 Mins