We have an inclusive open arms policy and welcome people of all ages, abilities, & backgrounds to the practice.

We aim to help everyone flourish at every level, & are most impressed with a skillful practice that supports vitality on all levels: physical, emotional, mental & social.

Our Mission for Rainbow Crystal is

"Physical Practice,
Simple Language"


Each session begins with an orientation, & outline for the following practice.


Every practice session has a 'Peak' which is the apex the, "the hardest part".


After crossing over the 'Peak' the practice is integration.

  • Rainbow Crystal was born in 2020 to serve the Community.

  • Richie has been involved in Personal & Professional training which led to the evolution of his own practice & being trained in Yoga Instruction, Tai-Chi, & Meditation.

Intro Session

$20 | 30 Mins

Online Training Session

$50 | 60 Mins

In-Person Training Session

$50 | 60 Mins