Yoga Classes

Online interactive classes

Real-time participation through high-quality audio & video.

Remember to Breathe


All sessions are focused on utilizing the breath and attention as though they are tools of the mind to help in living a balanced life.

Once there is a common ground and clear understanding of the physical parameters of the practice, continued sessions are suggested to further dial in the clarity of the movements along with proper pacing and subtle adjustments.

A common problem in the current cultural understanding of yoga practice is that it is a performative or extravagant physical display of postures.

Online classes are usually 60 mins, including warm-up & cool-down.

Based on the modern understanding of Hatha Yoga, the sessions provided are modified to use simple English and make measurable progress in personal calm.

Our focus at Rainbow Crystal is to unveil and build a relationship with the fundamentals of a discipline known for improving the individual's health.

We are bringing wellness practices forward
in a language that can be easily understood.
Drink Water, Eat Food, & Remember to Breathe

Recommended Media


1. Yoga improves strength, balance, and flexibility.2. Yoga helps with back pain relief.3. Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms.4. Yoga benefits heart health.5. Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better.6. Yoga can mean more energy and brighter moods.7. Yoga helps you manage stress.8. Yoga connects you with a supportive community.9. Yoga promotes better self-care.

Suggested Reading

Light on YogaB.K.S. Iyengar1966AbeBooks
YogaLeslie Kaminoff2011AbeBooks
Hatha Yoga IllustratedMartin Kirk, Brooke Boon, Daniel DiTuro2005AbeBooks

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Online Yoga Teachings

Weekly 60 Min Training Sessions

Each Class Includes:

  • Warm-up Breathing Exercises

  • Essential Bodywork Movements

  • Customized Langauge to Simplify Learning

Single Class

60 min Training Session

Class Package

$200 for (4)
60 min Training Sessions